Norwegian Wood is coming up

Patti Smith © Per Ole HagenTomorrow the festival Norwegian Wood in Oslo starts, going on for four days. The headliners are Bryan Ferry, Tom Pety, Kaizers Orchestra and Sting. Other artists are Lenny Krawitz, Laleh, Lars Winnerbäck, James Morrison and The Gaslight Anthem. I will post pictures from the festival during the next days. But here are pictures from some of the acts from last year. The picture on top here is of Patti Smith.

Ringo Starr © Per Ole HagenRingo Starr

Last year’s headliners were, together with Patti Smith, Ringo Starr, Mastodon, Eric Clapton and The Eagles.

Ice Dale from Enslaved © Per Ole HagenIce Dale from Enslaved

Eric Claptoin and Steve Gadd © Per Ole HagenEric Clapton and Steve Gadd

Mastodon © Per Ole HagenBrent Hinds

Rumer © Per Ole HagenRumer

Gojira © Per Ole HagenJean-Michel Labadie from Gojira

Nick Lowe © Per Ole HagenNick Lowe

ALl pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and may not be used without written permission.

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