Black Debbath – While We Are Waiting For Their New CD

Black Debbath © Per Ole HagenThe Norwegian record company Duplex is responsible for many bands in different styles. One of the central persons in Duplex and many of the bands, is Egil Hegerberg. He has his own band, Bare Egil Band (“Only Egil Band”), he is a member of the “kitchen appliances band” Hurra Torpedo, and he plays in Black Debbath. In January they will release their sixth CD.

Black Debbath © Per Ole HagenBlack Debbath are known for their lyrics where they deal with different aspects of the modern society. This might be classical literature, politics, environmental problems, etc. Problemer innad i Høyre (Problems in the Conservative party”), Mötorhedda Gabler, Reorganiser Helsevesenet (“Reorganize the Social Services”) and similar themes. Their debut CD in 1999 was called Tung, tung politisk rock (Heavy, Heavy Political Rock).Black Debbath © Per Ole HagenTheir new CD is called “Nå får det faen meg være rock! Akademisk stoner-rock! (Now, God Dammit It Must Be Rock! Academic Stoner-Rock!) We know that we can expect som surrealistic political and academical lyrics set to well played heavy rock. They have already got good publicity for one of the songs, Nei til runkesti på Ekeberg (No To A Wanker-lane at Ekeberg), their protest against a planned sculpture park in Oslo. Here is a link to a newspaper article about the song.

The members of Black Debbath are Lars Loenne, vocal and guitar, Aslag Guttormsgaard, vocal, guitar and bass, Egil Hegerberg, vocal, bass and guitar,  and Ole Petter Andreassen, drums. The members in the band are also members of the before mentioned Bare Egil Band, Hurra Torpedo, Gartnerlosjen, Thulsa Doom, The Cumshots, The Caliban Sessions, Toledo and ex-Kvikksølvguttene (The Ex Quicksilver Boys).Black Debbath © Per Ole HagenI have seen and photographed Black Debbath twice, and I am looking forward to seeing them again when they are back on stage late January 2013. Hopefully I will get some new pictures of them, too. The pictures here are from their Ibsen show, Naar de døde rocker (When The Dead Rock) at the Oya Festival in Oslo in 2006, and from the Pstereo Festival in Trondheim 2009.Black Debbath © Per Ole HagenAll pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used in any way without written permission. You can see more pictures of Black Debbath on my picture site Artist Pictures.

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