Junior Brown at SXSW

Junior Brown at SXSW © Per Ole HagenIf you are interested in guitar playing and also steel guitar, you have to check out Junior Brown. He has played steel guitar with Asleep At The Wheel, he has taught guitar playing, and he has invented the guit-steel, a two-necked combination of a guitar and a steel guitar. On SXSW’s last day, he played at the ACL Moody.

Junior Brown at SXSW © Per Ole HagenJunior Brown has an interesting and long career, but it was after he started using the guit-steel that more people got their eyes up or his unique talent. The guit-steel is, in his own words, a matter of convenience, with it he can play both and change really fast between them.

Junior Brown at SXSW © Per Ole HagenHis music is straight country, crossing over towards Americana, and his band has a set up with rhythm guitar, stand up bass and drummer with snare drum and a cymbal. CHeck out his CD’s, and also his music videos. The video to My Wife Thinks You’re Dead won him a CMA Country Music Video Award in 1996.

Junior Brown at SXSW © Per Ole HagenAll pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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