Black Tusk – Swamp Metal at SXSW

Black Tusk © Per Ole HagenOne of the good things about SXSW, is that I get to see many bands I haven’t seen before, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, since there was more than 2500 bands playing this year. But the high number doesn’t mean that all bands are necessarily very good. One of the good ones I saw, was Black Tusk from Savannah.

Black Tusk © Per Ole HagenI have never seen Black Tusk before, but I have seen both of their hometown colleagues, Kylesa and Baroness, and Savannah should be real proud of all three. Black Tusk was formed in 2005, and has released four full-length albums since then. The members are Andrew on guitar, Athom on bass and James on drums.

Black Tusk © Per Ole HagenLive Black Tusk kick ass. Their punk influences shine through in their stage performance, making it a hard, wild and dark experience. Since I don’t know their songs from before, it is hard to review each of them But what I heard made me want to check out their CDs. They are definitely a good act to book for festivals and clubs.

Black Tusk © Per Ole HagenBlack Tusk © Per Ole HagenBlack Tusk © Per Ole HagenBlack Tusk © Per Ole HagenAll pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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