Ian Moore Rocked The Last Night At SXSW

Ian Moore © Per Ole HagenThe first time I saw Ian Moore was in 2005, and then some years later at the Continental Club. I remember his playing and his extrovert show as something special. This year he played at the Continental Club again during SXSW, at 1 AM the last day of the festival. And it was the perfect artist to close SXSW for me.

Ian Moore © Per Ole Hagen

After ten days of seminars panels, and music every night, I was not sad that it was over for this year. Yes, it is a year until next time, but I can live well on the memory of all the concerts I have seen here during the festival. Ian Moore‘s concert was one of the best ones, musically.

Ian Moore © Per Ole Hagen

Ian Moore startetd out playing the fiddle at 6 years old, but later changed to guitar. He arrived in Austin in the early 90’s, and got a job as Joe Ely’s guitarist. He also got a gig to open up for the Rolling Stones and  ZZ Top on their tour in the US. In the years 193-95 he also released three CDs.

Ian Moore © Per Ole Hagen

Ian Moore’s guitar playing is excellent. Technically sophisticated and with a heavy bluesy feeling, also when his songs are more pop songs than blues. He started out doing blues, but has moved in a more pop direction at the turn of the century. His live work was still exceptional, and he released a full length lice CD in 2001, Via Satellite with his touring band Action Company. His latest album is El Sonido Nuevo from 2011, with his present band The Lossy Coils.

Ian Moore © Per Ole Hagen

Ian Moore © Per Ole Hagen

All pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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