Grand Tribute Concert to Leonard Cohen in Oslo

Odd Norheim 25042017-06Norway has always had a special place for Leonard Cohen, for many reasons. One is that Marianne in So Long Marianne is Norwegian. Also because many of his albums and songs were huge hits in Norway, but often not recognized in the rest of the world. In 1993 the album Cohen på norsk was made with Norwegian artists singing his songs in Norwegian, and last night the artists from the album plus more than twenty others played a tribute concert at Oslo Spektrum. (Photo above: Odd Nordheim and Safari perform Hallelujah)

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A-ha in Oslo with Cast in Steel

A-ha © Per Ole HagenNorway has a small, but eclectic number of bands and artists who are known outside of Scandinavia, a-ha being the foremost and commercially most succesful. So far the band have sold more than 100 million records. They also had the official Guinnes record for the biggest paying audience to one concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1991, with 198.000 people paying to see them, three times as many as those who paid for Guns ’n’ Roses or George Michael at the same event, Rock in Rio.

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In Flames, Papa Roach and Wovenwar In Oslo

In Flames © Per Ole HagenLast night In Flames played Oslo Spektrum with While She Sleeps, Wovenwar and Papa Roach. I saw two of these and In Flames, and I liked all three a lot. Interestingly enough, around 3-4000 people were there, more than usually come to metal concerts. (Picture above: In Flames). Continue reading

Lars Winnerbäck in Oslo

Lars WInnerbäck © Per Ole HagenLars Winnerbäck is one of the most exciting Swedish artists. His singer songwriter skills are surpassed by few, and he has been poring out songs for more than 15 years. During this period his music has evolved, through one man and his guitar, through Irish inspired recordings until his present organic rock based music. Tonight he visited Oslo on his Scandinavian tour and played for an enthusiastic crowd at Oslo Spektrum.

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Hellbillies Rocked Oslo Spektrum

Hellbillies © Per Ole HagenThe Norwegian band Hellbillies released their 13th CD two weeks ago to great reviews in newspapers and blogs. Some have held this as their best CD so far. Saturday night they held their 20 year anniversary concert as a recording band at a sold out Oslo Spektrum together with some good artist friends.

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Look to the hip music scene in Oslo

Kaizers Orchestra at Sentrum Scene. © All Rights Reserved Per Ole Hagen

Kaizers Orchestra at Sentrum Scene.

Now you don’t have to go to New York, London or LA to be updatet on what’s hot and what’s not. Oslo and Atlanta have been declared by The Independent as the two main trend-setting cities. For Oslo, much of the honour goes to the showcase festival by:Larm. But there are other important contributors to Oslo’s new status that deserve to be mentioned.

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