The Øya Festival 2018 – Saturday with Patti Smith, Bendik, Neneh Cherry, Sløtface, Curtis Harding and more

Patti Smith 11082018-21The last day at Øyafestivalen starts early, and the last band stops at 11 PM, which means ten hours of music from six stages. Twenty eight bands and artists plus book talks and artist interviews. And after the last act has finished, the party continues at clubs in Oslo, like the other three nights. With the club day Tuesday before the festival venue opens, much more than a hundred bands and artists have presented themselves for their fans. (Photo above: Patti Smith)

Bendik 11082018-26Bendik

After three long and exciting days at Øyafestivalen, I decided to skip the first two hours of concerts on Saturday. I still saw and photographed seven bands, and again it was the female artists who fascinated me the most. Sløtface, with their singer, Haley Shea, the jazz diva Neneh Cherry, the new Norwegian band Das Body with Elie Linden on bass and lead vocal, the energetic Bendik and lastly, Patti Smith, the Rock Queen herself. In between I saw Curtis Harding play his jazz funk R’n’B songs and hardcore punk band Converge.

Slotface 11082018-13Lasse Lokøy from Sløtface

Here are photos of the bands I saw on Saturday.

Curtis Harding

Curtis Harding 11082018-10

Curtis Harding 11082018-08

Curtis Harding 11082018-06


Slotface 11082018-10

Slotface 11082018-15

Slotface 11082018-01

Slotface 11082018-12

Neneh Cherry

Neneh Cherry 11082018-08

Neneh Cherry 11082018-25

Neneh Cherry 11082018-14Neneh Cherry 11082018-21


Bendik 11082018-05

Bendik 11082018-16

Bendik 11082018-11

Bendik 11082018-18


Converge 11082018-03

Converge 11082018-07

Converge 11082018-09

Converge 11082018-10

Das Body

Das Body 11082018-07

Das Body 11082018-01

Das Body 11082018-04

Patti Smith

Patti Smith 11082018-24

Patti Smith 11082018-25

Patti Smith 11082018-08

Patti Smith 11082018-19

Patti Smith 11082018-26

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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