The Kinkster Live in Oslo

Kinky Friedman © Per Ole HagenKinky Friedman is an artist, writer, politician, but first of all Texan, even if he is born in Chicago. His songs and one-liners are witty, very politically incorrect, and sometimes quite provocative – specially to people of the republican persuasion. Yesterday night he played live at Café Mono in Oslo to an audience who knew their Kinkster history.

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Look to the hip music scene in Oslo

Kaizers Orchestra at Sentrum Scene. © All Rights Reserved Per Ole Hagen

Kaizers Orchestra at Sentrum Scene.

Now you don’t have to go to New York, London or LA to be updatet on what’s hot and what’s not. Oslo and Atlanta have been declared by The Independent as the two main trend-setting cities. For Oslo, much of the honour goes to the showcase festival by:Larm. But there are other important contributors to Oslo’s new status that deserve to be mentioned.

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