“OBOS på Månen” – Morten Abel, Christel Alsos and Adam Douglas in the Sun

Morten Abel 26072018-01For twenty years Månefestivalen has been arranged in Gamlebyen in Fredrikstad, some 70 miles south of Oslo in Norway. The venue is an open place in the old town, dating back to 1567. Behind the concert venue is a beautiful garden where people sit around drinking and eating between  the concerts. Yesterday’s concerts were a gift from OBOS to the city and people of Fredrikstad. (Photo above: Morten Abel)

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Stavernfestivalen 2016 – Saturday with Ellie Goulding, Sivert Høyem, Morten Abel, Astrid S and more

Ellie Goulding © Per Ole HagenThe last day of Stavernfestivalen 2016 was sunny and warm, like Friday. And like the other days, the first act was a well known artist, to draw the crowd to the venue early. Around 10.000 people in all ages came this day, bringing the total to over 30.000 for the three days. That’s an impressive number, and the good thing for the festival is that the venue can take more if they want to next year. (Photo above: Ellie Goulding)

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The Norwegian Spellemann Winners 2014

Nico & Vinz © Kim Erlandsen, NRK P3Tonight Spellemannprisen – the Norwegian Grammy – was held in Stavanger, and broadcast on NRK1. Here are photos and videos of the winners. A big congratulation to all of them.

(Picture above: Spellemann of the Year, Nico & Vinz. Photo: Kim Erlandsen, NRK P3)

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