Stavernfestivalen 2016 – Saturday with Ellie Goulding, Sivert Høyem, Morten Abel, Astrid S and more

Ellie Goulding © Per Ole HagenThe last day of Stavernfestivalen 2016 was sunny and warm, like Friday. And like the other days, the first act was a well known artist, to draw the crowd to the venue early. Around 10.000 people in all ages came this day, bringing the total to over 30.000 for the three days. That’s an impressive number, and the good thing for the festival is that the venue can take more if they want to next year. (Photo above: Ellie Goulding)

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Bergen Fest 2016 – Friday with Lars Vaular, Sivert Høyem, YelaWolf, Half Moon Run, Jake Bugg and more

Lars Vaular © Per Ole HagenFriday at Bergen Fest had a noticeably younger audience than the first two days. The reason was obvious, with local hip hop hero Lars Vaular as headliner and bad boy YelaWolf, plus the British boy wonder Jake Bugg, this was the day for the young crowd. We also got the Canadian indie boys in Half Moon Run, a tropical party with Rudimental and the new British soul star, John Newman. (Photo above: Lars Vaular)

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In Memory of Per Eirik Johansen

Jarle Bernhoft Sondre Lerche © Per Ole HagenIn Norway we don’t have many legendary music business people, but we have a few. Per Eirik Johansen was one of them, but one year ago, on January 15, he died of a heart attack while sleeping, only 54 years old. On Thursday this week his family and several of the artists he worked with held a memorial concert for Per Eirik, celebrating his great influence on the Norwegian popular music scene at the Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo. (Picture above: Sondre Lerche and Jarle Bernhoft)

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My best concerts in 2014 Part 1

Bryan Ferry audience © Per Ole HagenThis year I have seen all together a little more than 250 different concerts, and I have enjoyed most of them. Therefore the task of picking my best concerts of the year has been a hard one. I ended up with choosing 34 concerts, since it was too hard to cut down the list from there. And, anyway, this list is not a scientific project, just a list of what I enjoyed the most. Here are the concerts from #34 to #18. (Picture above: The audience to Bryan Ferry’s concert at Oya)

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Bergen Fest 2014 – Friday

Dillinger Escape Plan © Per Ole HagenEven if yesterday was Friday the 13th, the rain had stopped, and Bergen was sunny, as it should be with so many great artists in town. The day started with Kylesa and ended with Simple Minds. Not the worst way to spend a day, specially with all those great acts in between. (Picture above: The Dillinger Escape Plan) Continue reading

Sivert Hoyem – Majestic Voice

Sivert Hoyem © Per Ole HagenMadrugada were one of Norway’s most sought after band in the years 2005-2007, until their guitarist Robert Buraas died in 2007. The band continued playing together for a year, but then their singer Sivert Hoyem went solo, and he has so far released five solo CDs, the last one,  Endless Love, this year. He is recently on a tour to promote the CD, and yesterday night he played at Studentersamfundet in Trondheim.

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