Laleh charmed Norwegian Wood

Laleh © Per Ole HagenLaleh is a Swedish Iranian artist who started her carreer in the Swedish movie Jalla! Jalla! when she was 18. Tonight she played at the Norwegian Wood festival and won the crowd over with her sweet, easy flowing music with lyrics in Swedish and English.

Laleh © Per Ole HagenShe released her first CD, “Laleh” in 2005, and won almost every Swedish award that is piossible to win for it. It was also the best-selling album of the year in Sweden that year. The hit singel from the album, Live Tomorrow became a hit in Sweden and Norway, and she did a great version of it at the concert.

Laleh © Per Ole HagenHer performance is top, with sensuos movements, and she has a great voice that she uses with good effect to delived her message. Her songs have depth, which is a bonus in these days. I have never seen her live before, but I will definitely check her tour schedule and see if I can get another chance.

Laleh © Per Ole Hagen

Laleh © Per Ole Hagen

Laleh © Per Ole HagenAll the pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and may not be used without written permission.

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