Norwegian Wood 2012 summarized

Kaizers Orchestra at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenThe Norwegian Wood festival was arranged in Oslo this Thursday to Sunday. The biggest headliners were Sting, Tom Petty, Kaizers Orchestra and Bryan Ferry. Here is a summary of the festival with pictures of the artists who played there.

Bryan Ferry at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenThursday’s headliner was Bryan Ferry. He has played the Norwegian Wood with Roxy Music in 2005. This time it was Ferry solo, and he did a splendid job with the highlights from his impresive carreer, and with a band that included guitar hero Chris Spedding.

Monica Heldal at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenFriday’s big headliner was Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. This day was sold out many months before the festival, and many came already for the opening act, Monica Heldal. She is a new young artist from Norway with impressive skills on the guitar, coupled with good song and authority on stage.

Lenny Kravitz at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenLenny Kravitz was next, and his set was a mix of his biggest hits and some lesser material. If he had tightened his set, it would have been a great gig. Now it was a mixed pleasure, although his band was excellent. Lenny Kravitz presented an unacceptable photo contract, which means this picture is taken from the back of the venue.

Tom Petty at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenTom Petty played in Europe and Norway 20 years ago, and the expectations were sky high when he came on stage. With Petty’s catalogue noone needed to be afraid, it was heaven from the first song. He played for almost two hours, and the audience sang along for at least half of the time. A great closing of the Friday. You can see more pictures here.

Jonathan Wilson at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenSaturday started with heavy rain in the morning, so when the festival started in the afternoon, the grass was wet and started to become muddy in some placs. I didn’t catch the first act, Gaslight Anthem, but I came to Jonathan Wilson, who played after them. I haven’t seen him before, but his Americana inspired straight forward guitar based rock was a perfect start for me. His album, Gentle Spirit has got rave reviews and was voted the #4 album of 2011 by Mojo.

Laleh at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenAfter Wilson, Laleh entered the stage. You can read more about her and see more pictures here.

Oslo Ess at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenThe Norwegian punk rock band Oslo Ess was the next band out. They are a relatively new band, with great songs and also true punk energy in their delivery. Their debut CD “Uleste bøker og utgåtte sko” was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy, and they have are already a big live band in Norway.

Kaizers Orchestra at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenKaizers Orchestra has been one of the top Norwegian live bands for some years, and in my opinion they are geting better and better. This show was my third this year, and their great songs, combined with sing-along qualities are popular among their fans. For this show they had got their fans to make their set list, and that worked surprisingly well for the concert.

Linnea Dale and Oystein Greni at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenSunday started with another new female Norwegian artist, Linnea Dale. She started her carreer with the band Donkeyboy, but went solo last year. Her debut solo CD was produced by Big Bang’s leader Oystein Greni, and he also joined her on stage for two songs.

James Morrison at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenJames Morrison was next, and here are more picture from that concert. The short version is that he has got a fantastic voice, and he makes soul music popular with the younger audience.

Lars Winnerback at Norwegian Wood. © Per Ole HagenLars Winnerbäck was the second last act of the festival, and he played a one and a half hour long set to an audience who loved every one of his songs. More pictures from his concert here.

Sting at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenThe last artist on stage at the Norwegian Wood festival 2012 was Sting. After his long period of collaberations with symphonic musicians and with a lesser rock approach to his music, the the audience didn’t know what to expect from him this time. Luckily this tour is a rock tour, with a mix of his own songs and some of the best songs from Police.

Sting and Vinnie Colaiuta at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenHis band counted ace musicians like Vinnie Colaiuta and David Sancious, and was extremely tight with impressive attention to details. Personally the highlights were Message In A Bottle and Every Litte Thing She Does Is Magic, but he also did many of his other best songs during the set, among them Fields of Gold and another Police highlight, Every Breath You Take. This day, too, was sold out, and Sting was a perfect closing of a succesful festival.

All Pictures are © Per Ole hagen and may not be used without written permission.

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