Pretty Young Pettys at Herr Nilsen

Pretty Young Pettyr © Per Ole HagenAskil Holm, Egil Clausen

Last year during the Norwegian Wood was the debut of the Tom Petty tribute band Pretty Young Pettys. I saw them then, and liked what I heard, even if it wasn’t the real thing. But the musicians were really good, and they had a contagious enthusiasm that showed during their performance. This year they also played during the festival, at the Oslo club Herr Nilsen after Bryan Ferry’s concert at the festival.

Pretty Young Pettyr © Per Ole HagenAskild Holm

The members of Pretty Young Pettys were the same as last year, but this time they had some guests, too. The band consists of Egil Clausen – vokal & guitar, Askil Holm – vocal & guitar, Ola Geir Raftevold – vocal & guitar, Olav Tronsmoen – keyboards & vocal, Torjus Eggen – bass & vocal and Gunnar Sæter – drums & vocal.

Pretty Young Pettyr © Per Ole HagenBenedicte Braenden

The guests that I saw at the gig were the singers Benedicte Braenden, Erlend Ropstad, André Holstad, guitarist Alexander Lindbäck and Knut Reiersrud on electric sitar.

Pretty Young Pettyr © Per Ole HagenOle Geir Raftevold, Askil Holm, André Holstad

The band and their guests played their hero’s songs in such a way that I sometimes almost forgot that they weren’t Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. There are many who doesn’t like cover bands like this, but personally I like it when the band is good. Sometimes music doesn’t have to be veryu pretencious, it is enough to have a good time. I am looking forward to the next time I can see Pretty Young Pettys.

Pretty Young Pettyr © Per Ole HagenErlend RopstadPretty Young Pettyr © Per Ole HagenAskil HolmPretty Young Pettyr © Per Ole HagenAndré HolstadPretty Young Pettyr © Per Ole HagenOla Geir Raftevold, Askil Holm

All the Pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and may not be used without written permission.

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