My 15 best concerts in 2012

Audience for Dimmu Borgir 2007 © Per Ole HagenThis year I have seen something between 150 and 200 concert at some 15 festivals, and at different venues, and I have had the chance to photograph most of them. Concerts in many different styles: jazz, folk, country, metal, classical, rock, hip-hop, pop. Here are my Top 15 concert experiences of 2012.

This will also be the last posting here at Artist Pictures Blog in 2012. More to come in 2013.

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Pretty Young Pettys at Herr Nilsen

Pretty Young Pettyr © Per Ole HagenAskil Holm, Egil Clausen

Last year during the Norwegian Wood was the debut of the Tom Petty tribute band Pretty Young Pettys. I saw them then, and liked what I heard, even if it wasn’t the real thing. But the musicians were really good, and they had a contagious enthusiasm that showed during their performance. This year they also played during the festival, at the Oslo club Herr Nilsen after Bryan Ferry’s concert at the festival.

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Norwegian Wood 2012 summarized

Kaizers Orchestra at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenThe Norwegian Wood festival was arranged in Oslo this Thursday to Sunday. The biggest headliners were Sting, Tom Petty, Kaizers Orchestra and Bryan Ferry. Here is a summary of the festival with pictures of the artists who played there.

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Tom Petty Won’t Back Down

Tom Petty © Per Ole HagenThe Norwegian Wood festival in Oslo has a pretty impressive line-up this year – as usual. The first night Bryan Ferry was the headliner with a 12 man band, and yesterday night Lenny Kravitz played before the greates of them all, Tom Pretty & The Heartbreakers. Since Kravitz presented an unacceptable photo contract, I took no pictures of him. But Tom Petty had no contract, and did a great show for a sold out festival.

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