Steinkjerfestivalen 2011 looking back

22 at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole Hagen22 playing at Steinkjer 2011

Next weekend Steinkjerfestivalen (The Steinkjer Festival) is arranged in the mid-Norway city of Steinkjer. This year they have Behemoth, Kaizers Orchestra, Susanne Sundfør and D.D.E. as some of the headliners, plus some really interestiong other bands like El Doom and The Born Electric, The South, Hedvig Mollestad Trio and Mongo Ninja.

Here are pictures of some of the artists from last year.

Ida Jenshus at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenIda Jenshus

There are many medium big festivals in Norway, often in medium sized cities around the country, and Steinkjerfestivalen is one of the best in my opinion. Togerther with the Pstereo festival, Bukta, Slottsfjell and Rått & Råde, they represent good, interesting booking and a really good organisation. And like these other festivals, the driving force behind the festival is an undying enthusiasm and willingness to spend thousands of non-paid hours to give the citizens of Steinkjer a unique experience.

Clawfinger at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenClawfinger

Sometimes I think the local politicians and the businesses in towns like Steinkjer don’t know their own best when they don’t support festivals like Steinkjerfestivalen with more money. The festival gives them cultural credibility, it brings great artists to the city, it brings people from outside of the city to the festival, and many people spend a lot of money during the weekend.

Djerv at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenDjerv

I will be at the festival in Steinkjer next wekend taking pictures for this blog. In the meantime I hope you enjoy these pictures from last year.

Baskery at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenBaskery

Shining at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenShining

Hellbillies at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenHellbillies

Jim Jones Revue at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenJim Jones Revue

deLillos at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagendeLillos

Rumble In Rhodos at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenRumble In Rhodos

Motorpsycho at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenMotorpsycho

Sahg at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenSahg

Turns at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenTurns

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and may not be used without written permission.

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