The Øya Festival 2018 – Thursday with Behemoth, High On Fire, Fieh, Thea & The Wild and more

Behemoth 09082018-34While Wednesday had scattered rain and humid weather, was Thursday sunny and warm. As usual, the venue filled gradually up, but still there was a good crowd to see the first bands. The big headliner Kendrick Lamar had banned photography. None of the other artists had contracts or banned photography, so there were plenty of opportunities to get some good shots without photographing Lamar. (Photo above: Nergal from Behemoth)

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Tons of Rock 2016 – Saturday with Behemoth, Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Europe and more

Hedvig Mollestad 25062016-14The last day of Tons of Rock 2016 was the best weather wise, sunny and warm. The crowd was still eager to see more bands, even if some of them were getting noticeably tired after the first two days. Most of the people were camping, since Halden doesn’t have a specially good hotel capacity. The day started with The Annex, while Bodies closed the festival twelve hours later. Between them we got Amon Amarth, Megadeth, Behemoth and many others. (Photo above: the audience to Hedvig Mollestad Trio)

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Behemoth At Inferno 2015

Behemoth © Per Ole HagenThe definitive headliner at Inferno 2015 were Behemot. The Polish band is among the most respected in the world among all black/death metal bands, and their performance at the Inferno Festival was top class. I showed some of the photos I took of them on the report from Thursday at the festival. Here are more photos.

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Inferno 2015 – Thursday

Behemoth © Per Ole HagenThe Inferno festival in Oslo is arranged every Easter, from Wednesday through Saturday. The first day is a club day, while the three next are arranged at the Rockefeller Music Hall, plus the smaller venue John Dee in the same building. I started my Inferno Easter on Thursday, and here are the bands I saw. (Photo above: Behemoth)

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A dark session with Behemoth

Behemoth at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenPolish blackened death metal band Behemoth was the headliner of the first day of the Steinkjer Festival in Norway. They followed the popular Norwegian band D.D.E. on stage, and you should think that was a bad choice.- But Behemoth showed why they are considered one of the world’s leading metal bands, and played a dark and extreme set.

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Steinkjerfestivalen 2011 looking back

22 at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole Hagen22 playing at Steinkjer 2011

Next weekend Steinkjerfestivalen (The Steinkjer Festival) is arranged in the mid-Norway city of Steinkjer. This year they have Behemoth, Kaizers Orchestra, Susanne Sundfør and D.D.E. as some of the headliners, plus some really interestiong other bands like El Doom and The Born Electric, The South, Hedvig Mollestad Trio and Mongo Ninja.

Here are pictures of some of the artists from last year.

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