Black Metal in His Majesty’s Service

Order © Per Ole HagenBlack metal has always existed outside of the established culture, both by choice and also from lack of acceptance. So also in Norway, until four years ago, when our Department of Foreign Affairs started educating their aspirants in black metal history, acknowledging the international reputation of Norwegian black metal. Since then the aspirants have got a yearly lecture one black metal, and this year it happened as a road trip with a twist. (Picture above: Order in the cowshed)

Anders Odden © Per Ole HagenAnders Odden lectures the aspirants about black metal

When the Foreign Department wanted to give the aspirants more knowledge about black metal, they asked Anders Odden to do it. He started out as a member of the early death metal band Cadaver from the start in the 80’s, and was also friendly with their contemporaries in Mayhem. Today Anders is the guitarist in Order, he is the bassist in Satyricon, and one of the central figures on the Norwegian metal scene.

Anders Odden © Per Ole HagenAnders Odden shows the cover of Bathory’s album Blood Fire Death

In his autobiography, Piratliv (A Pirate Life), Anders talks about the background for his musicianship, and also about the tragedies around Mayhem in the early 90’s. The book gives some real insight in the black metal culture, and should definitely be translated to English for a broader audience.

Order © Per Ole HagenManheim

Two of Order’s members were early members of Mayhem, while Aneders and their bassist, René Jansen who died last year, were members of Cadaver from the start. On November 12th the Department of Foreign Affairs and Anders Odden organized a black metal road trip with a lecture on the bus and Anders’ childhood home as the destination, with an exclusive concert from Order. The band has got a new bassist since René Jansen’s death and is writing new songs and practicing hard for upcoming gigs.

Order © Per Ole HagenMessiah

The concert was held in the cowshed at Anders’ father’s barn. All of us present, the aspirants and their supervisors, were treated to food and the singer of Satyricon, Sigurd Wongraven‘s excellent red wine before we went over to the cowshed, where Order have a studio and practice room. As a concert, it was a very special happening. The “audience” were placed where the farmer usually feeds the cows, while the band stood where the cows used to be, the drums with the back to the audience.

Order © Per Ole HagenAnders Odden

Order did a short set, showing that they are masters of old school black metal. The band is booked for the Inferno festival in Oslo during the Easter holiday, and will hopefully play more festival gigs next year. For those of you who haven’t seen them before, here is a short video from their gig in Warsaw last year. They played at the opening of my photo exhibition, Norwegian Metal In Concert, organized by the Norwegian embassy in Warsaw. You can see more pictures from the concert and the exhibition opening here, plus a longer video from the exhibition opening here.

Order © Per Ole HagenManx and Odden

Order © Per Ole HagenManheim

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.



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