Midgardsblot 2018 – Where Black Metal and Vikings Meet

Dimmu Borgir 17082018-18Midgardsblot is a unique festival in that it combines two cultures that you shouldn’t think had too much in common  – the extreme metal and the viking communities. But this happened for the fourth year last weekend at the Midgard viking center at Borre in Norway, and what a weekend it was! (Photo above: Dimmu Borgir)

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Blastfest – Day Two, Thursday

Watain © Per Ole HagenThe Blastfest metal festival started last year, and has so far become a success. It is situated in Bergen, at Garage during the day and at USF Verftet at night. I didn’t go last year, but this year I am here, and yesterday I saw 5 bands from Sweden, Israel, Ireland and UK, with Watain as the headliner. (Picture above)

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Inferno 2014 – The Last Day

Tulus © Per Ole HagenThe fourth and last day of Inferno had Watain as the headliner, but we got many other musical highlights. To me, Rotting Christ from Greece was a positive surprise, the same with the Norwegian veterans Gehenna. I also saw and heard the FInnish band Oranssi Pazuzu, Black Witchery and Tulus. (Picture above: Blodstrup from Tulus)

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Watain – The Closing Headliner at Inferno

Watain © Per Ole HagenThe last night at Inferno 2014 was closed by the Swedish band Watain. Together with Dimmu Borgir, Hatebreed and Blasphemy, they were the headliners at the festival. With their satanistic philosophy and extremely competent playing, they were a worthy closing act of this year’s Inferno. Continue reading