Inferno Metal Festival 2018 – Sunday with Carpathian Forest, Tsjuder, Grave and more

Carphatian Forest 01042018-12Sunday was the last day of the Inferno Metal Festival this year, and it was a day for old school black and death metal, grindcore and doom. Norwegian, British and Swedish bands. As the preceding days, the venue was packed, and all in all the Inferno has never sold as many tickets before. And to a very international crowd from many different countries. (Photo above: Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest)

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The Inferno Metal Festival 2017 – Thursday with Carcass, Destruction, Venom Inc and more

Venom Inc 13042017-09Thursday Friday and Saturday at the Inferno Metal Festival is held at the Rockefeller Music Hall, with two stages – the Rockefeller main stage plus John Dee downstairs in the basement. That means concerts back to back all together eight bands each night. Thursday was old school day with Venom Inc, Carcass and Destruction, pluss the Polish death metal band Azarath and the Norwegian  viking metal band Helheim. (Photo above: Mantas from Venom Inc)

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The Inferno Metal Festival 2017 – The Club Night with Borknagar, Red Harvest, Fight the Fight and more

Fight the Fight 012042017-14The Inferno Festival has been an Easter tradition in Oslo since 2001. Every year almost 2000 metal fans from all over the world gather in Oslo for a “black Easter” with concerts and a conference for four days. The first night is a club night, while the last three nights are held at the Rockefeller Hall with two stages and music back to back. Here are photos of the bands I saw the first night of Inferno 2017. (Photo above: Lars Vegas from Fight the Fight)

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Black night at Rockefeller with Kreator, Sepultura and Soilwork

kreator-07022017-07Last night was trash metal night at the Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo. Two of the veterans from that style, Kreator from Germany and Sepultura from Brazil played, together with with Swedish heavy band Soilwork and Belgian death metal band Aborted. (Photo above: Kreator)

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Behemoth At Inferno 2015

Behemoth © Per Ole HagenThe definitive headliner at Inferno 2015 were Behemot. The Polish band is among the most respected in the world among all black/death metal bands, and their performance at the Inferno Festival was top class. I showed some of the photos I took of them on the report from Thursday at the festival. Here are more photos.

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R.I.P Rene Jansen

Order © Per Ole HagenThis summer I had an experience to remember, presenting a photo exhibition in Warsaw. The exhibition, Norwegian Metal in Concert, was hosted by the Norwegian embassy in Warsaw, and staged at the rock club Club Progresja. As part of the package, the Norwegian black metal band Order played at the exhibition. on Friday the band played in their bass player, Rene Jansen’s funeral. R.I.P Rene.

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Watain – The Closing Headliner at Inferno

Watain © Per Ole HagenThe last night at Inferno 2014 was closed by the Swedish band Watain. Together with Dimmu Borgir, Hatebreed and Blasphemy, they were the headliners at the festival. With their satanistic philosophy and extremely competent playing, they were a worthy closing act of this year’s Inferno. Continue reading