Janove – from Kaizers Orchestra’s Front Man to Perfect Solo Artist

janove Ottesen 24022018-05For fifteen years, from 2000 to 2015 Kaizers Orchestra built themselves up to Norway’s most interesting and consistent live band. An important part of their success was singer and songwriter Janove Ottesen. After the band quit he started a solo career, and has already released two albums. These days he is on tour in Norway to support his newest release, Hengtmann. Last night he played at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo.

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The Slottsfjell Festival, A Summer Festival In Historic Surroundings

Kvelertak © Per Ole HagenThe Slottsfjell Festival is one of many music festivals in Norway in the summer. Since we have just a short period with a chance of some sun and warmth, the months of June, July and August are packed with outdoor festivals. This year the weather has been very good so far in the eastern part of Norway, and lucky Slottsfjell, the first day was beautiful, and the next two days will also have lovely weather. Here is a report from the first day. (Picture above: Erlend Hjelvik from Kvelertak.)

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My 15 best concerts in 2012

Audience for Dimmu Borgir 2007 © Per Ole HagenThis year I have seen something between 150 and 200 concert at some 15 festivals, and at different venues, and I have had the chance to photograph most of them. Concerts in many different styles: jazz, folk, country, metal, classical, rock, hip-hop, pop. Here are my Top 15 concert experiences of 2012.

This will also be the last posting here at Artist Pictures Blog in 2012. More to come in 2013.

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Live Music in Stereo at the Pstereo festival

Kylesa at Pstereo © Per Ole HagenThe Pstereo festival in Trondheim, Norway has existed for six years, and is happening this weekend. The booking is a mix of a lot, with a bias towards indie artists, but also with bands like Kylesa, Kaizers Orchestra, Big K.R.I.T and Stein Torleif Bjella. The festival has a capacity of 6.000 sold tickets, and it sold out on the opening day, Friday. Here are pictures of some of the artists from the first day of the festival.

Reviews of the concerts, plus more pictures can be found here at NRK P3.

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Well done, Steinkjer!

Baskery at Steinkjerfestivalen © Per Ole HagenBaskery

Steinkjerfestivalen was arranged this weekend for the seventh time with Behemoth, Kaizers Orchestra, Susanne Sundfør and D.D.E. as headliners. Three stages, great bands, music non stop for 8 hours each day, a smooth organization, and a great atmosphere made his year’s festival just as pleasurable as last year’s.

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Norwegian Wood 2012 summarized

Kaizers Orchestra at Norwegian Wood © Per Ole HagenThe Norwegian Wood festival was arranged in Oslo this Thursday to Sunday. The biggest headliners were Sting, Tom Petty, Kaizers Orchestra and Bryan Ferry. Here is a summary of the festival with pictures of the artists who played there.

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Kaizers Orchestra on tour

Kaizers Orchestra © Per Ole HagenKaizers Orchestra are one of Norway’s best live bands, and they have played extensively since they started more than 10 years ago. Harmonium, double bass and oil barrels are some of their instruments. Both on CD and also live they are definitely worth listening to. Yesterday night they played the Working Class Hero festival in Drammen.

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