About Per Ole Hagen

Avid concert photographer and music journalist. Works with Music IP management at the Norwegian Brodcasting System (NRK).

Chuck Prophet Patrice Pike, Casper Rawls and Super Drakes in Austin

At last I am back in Austin, and the first and second night here I saw four great bands at three of my favorite clubs, The Continental Club, The Saxon Pub and The One-2-One Bar. The clubs are all situated in South Austin, which is also my favorite area. (Photo above: Chuck Prophet)

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Bylarm 2019 – Promising New Bands and Artist

Bylarm is the Norwegian showcase festival with a Nordic and international focus. The first festival was arranged in 1998, so this years edition was the twenty second. The mix between seminars and showcases is well tested  from festivals like SXSW, and it works well for Bylarm, too.  (Photo above: brenn.)

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Trondheim Calling 2019 – Showcase Festival and Conference

Trondheim Calling will be 10 year next year, and is one of four showcase festivals in Norway, including byL:arm, Sørveiv and Vill Vill Vest. Of these, Trondheim Calling is a good runner up compared to the “old” by:Larm, which has been going on since 1998.This was my fourth Trondheim Calling since 2016, and here are the bands I saw at the festival. (Photo above: Biru Baby) Continue reading

My Favorite Concert Photos From 2018, Part 2

The second half of my favorite photos from 2018 are also taken at different venues and at different times of day. When photographing concerts there are many things to consider, and light or absence of light being maybe the most important. Then there are different degrees of action – some artists jump around, while others ars just standing still. But this makes it even more interesting, no concerts are exactly alike.

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My Favorite Concert Photos From 2018, Part 1

This year has also been a good year for concert photography. I have attended eleven festivals and forty five different concerts, totaling more than two hundred and eighty concerts altogether. The concerts have been a good mix of styles, from different sub-genres in metal, through pop, rock, singer songwriter to Serbian pop and Argentinian tango. Here is the first batch of my own personal favorites from 2018.

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Don McLean in Oslo – Killing Us Softly With His Songs

Don Mc Lean 21102018-09We all have a soundtrack to our lives, usually the music we heard when we grew up, from when we were around thirteen to twenty years old. Some are more conscious about this soundtrack, others less. It all depends on if we were hung up on music, sports, girls/boys, etc. And some of the artists we heard at that time follow us the rest of our life. Last night I saw one of the contributors to my own soundtrack.

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Friday at Blues in Hell – Adam Douglas, Nick Moss, Reidar Larsen & The Storytellers and excellent young bands

Jan Erik Moe 31082018-06The Blues in Hell Festival has been a yearly tradition for me since the mid 90’s. The festival is held at Hell, a small place by the airport outside of Trondheim, Norway, and except for three years when it was called Hell Music Fest and the repertoar was pop/rock/hip hop, the festival has been true to the blues roots all the time. Being a smaller festival, they have also presented interesting and great artists a bit outside of the most commercial ones. (Photo above: The winner of the Blues in Hell Award, Jan Erik Moe)

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OBOS at the Roof of the National Opera with Hellbillies, Ane Brun, Odd Nordstoga and Fieh

Ane Brun 26082018-29The National Opera in Oslo is a spectacular building located by the seaside in Oslo. The outside and roof of the building is built in a way that makes it perfect as a live music venue. The stage is located on a barge, and people sit or stand on the marble roof of the opera house, all the way down to the water. Yesterday I was photographing a concert there with some of the best and most popular Norwegian artists. (Photo above: Ane Brun)

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Midgardsblot 2018 – Where Black Metal and Vikings Meet

Dimmu Borgir 17082018-18Midgardsblot is a unique festival in that it combines two cultures that you shouldn’t think had too much in common  – the extreme metal and the viking communities. But this happened for the fourth year last weekend at the Midgard viking center at Borre in Norway, and what a weekend it was! (Photo above: Dimmu Borgir)

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The Øya Festival 2018 – Saturday with Patti Smith, Bendik, Neneh Cherry, Sløtface, Curtis Harding and more

Patti Smith 11082018-21The last day at Øyafestivalen starts early, and the last band stops at 11 PM, which means ten hours of music from six stages. Twenty eight bands and artists plus book talks and artist interviews. And after the last act has finished, the party continues at clubs in Oslo, like the other three nights. With the club day Tuesday before the festival venue opens, much more than a hundred bands and artists have presented themselves for their fans. (Photo above: Patti Smith)

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